Thursday, August 27, 2009

37 weeks!!

I went to the dr. on wednesday and was dilated to a 4 so doc is making me go back tommorrow morning and I know he will try to persuade me to induce, but I just don't want to have this baby that way!!! I to go into labor on my own when my body and baby girl are ready not on doc's time! So it's almost eleven at night and I'm wide awake because my nerves are so rattled over this, because I tend to give nto what other people want to easily. I mentioned to my hubby that I would really like to shampoo all the carpets and clean the house from top to bottom before having this lil one and this morning he came home with the machine and started doing it!!! What a wonderful hubby!! I hate carpet and so look forward to our new home with no carpet and only wood and tile floors! Also I'm still waiting for my car seat cover. I also decided to go with the aqua damask with white minky and striped bedding I posted about earlier and have painted the baby dresser and will post pics up soon.

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