Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Things that make me go WOW!!!

Master shower , it also has a rain shower head and my boys love it so no more fussing at bath time they now run to the  shower!!lol

master shower with pebble tile floor
Kitchen tongue and groove ceiling

Front door ( I love craftsman style)

I love cedar shake shingles, but shh these are James Hardie shake shingles and I had to add the brackets!!!
P.S. the yellow posts are supposed to be dove white like the rest of the trim, but we can't seem to get the painter back here to finish!!!

Master bedroom ceiling
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A few new things!

I thought I would post about a few new things around here, of course all are clearance finds!!! 

I am the clearance Queen!!!
I love this little birdie container from Kirklands, unfortunately so do my boys and I'm  constantly worried they will break it!!! That tray comes from Dollar General long ago and I so wish I would have bought the oval one too!!!

This table comes from and I patiently waited and watched until it went on final clearance!

A new pillow from Kirklands clearance aisle, the one behind the zebra print!

This rug is from Lowes and the gentleman that had to get it down for me said the price was $79, but if  I wanted it I could have it for $60 and I said SOLD!!!

This is the third cloche I buy and I found it at Hobby Lobby and I was so excited because it was  1/2 off  and  I paid so much more for the other two I bought off of ebay that my kids broke!! I'm really happy that they are carrying these now and the girl said every other week the glass is half off!

We finally got some bamboo shades hung in the breakfast room and I love them!!! These curtains will be moving to the dining room so I'm on the hunt for some to fit this space and a rod that works in that corner!

So that's it for today, soon I'll be posting some of the projects I've been working hard on!!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrifty shopping!!!

Today I decided to share some of my thrifty shopping this past week and since we just finished building my budget is almost nothing! Still I must confess I've always loved thrifty shopping it excites me to find something I love and not pay full price!!!

This clearance find is for my daughters room and because the glass was broken I got it for $9 at Hobby Lobby!
 I needed some lamps and what I could find was so expensive so I stopped by a thrift store in town and found these for $5! I just need to find some thrifty shades now!
 This mirror I found in another thrift store in town and let me say he was very proud of his prices, but I just kept checking back with him until he finally came down! He wanted $40 to begin and I got it for $15, it's very heavy and has it's original mirror. I needed it for our powder room so it will be painted either glossy white or silver.
This mirror will be for my master bedroom and I got it at Hobby Lobby it was marked down from $99 to $20 and the girl  gave me another 10% off! I'm not sure about the color though!

This find was from Hobby Lobby clearance aisle, it's original price was $59 marked down to $12,  but I got it for $9 and I'm a happy camper because I always wanted one of these for a fireplace mantle and now I have two mantles to decorate!
I'm thinking of giving it a color wash in a cream  or gray, what do you think? See those cabinets they have to primed and painted to go on either side of my fireplace, I'll post pics when there done!

Well that's it for today I'm off to do some painting!!!

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