Thursday, January 5, 2012


I thought I would stop in today and update where were at with the Dream House. It was supposed to be done at the four month mark, but that has now come and gone and the five month mark is quickly approaching!!! I so hope we are in for the end of February like the contractor claims!!!
Well here goes some pics from my iphone so they are not so great. This is the pantry and after living in this trailor for the past four years while waiting to build I am really itching to use all this glorious space! I'm planning to jazz this space up as soon as I can catch my breath from all the decisions and finish work that I'm trying to do myself! This room is the laundry room and no it's not finished. The box in the corner is a laundry shoot for my daughter from her upstairs bathroom. The opening under the counter is a laundry shoot for my boys and I also want them to build me some sort of wall unit for wrapping paper and ribbons. In case your wondering the wall color for these two rooms is Watery by Sherwin Williams.

This is my front porch ceiling and I love how it turned out we also did this on our back porch and I stained and sealed all these boards and beleive me there is a whole lot of them!!! It's called tongue and groove pine and I used dark walnut stain by Minwax.

Not much else going on they are moving at a very slow pace now that they are on the finishing work and my cabinet maker stood me up today we were supposed to lay out my kitchen cabinets! I think this weekend I will go buy most of my lighting so I can have my electrician get started next week and of course I have some more staining to do. If the weather holds up I will have them deliver my wood entry doors so I can start staining those as well. Oh how I have wanted to see my beautiful doors that have been sitting in will call at my local lumber yard for over a month now!!

More to come stay tuned!