Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I haven't posted in so long because my camera died so the hubby had a friend selling a Nikon coolpix for $40 and he bought and that will have to do for now. Anyway I found this small armoire on craigslist listed with another dresser that i will show you later that's going in my 12yr old daughter's room and got both pieces for $105. Now to decide what color to paint it and some new knobs, thinking maybe a very light sage green and some glass knobs. It's sitting in the hall for now because we are so crowded right now and still haven't been able to start building our new home!

I found this beauty on etsy thanks to the blog world. My car seat now is more boy colors and this cover really caught my eye!
I am really drawn to these colors and material options for baby bedding and having trouble trying to decide, but wondering if this is more for a boy nursery! This is also from etsy as well as the one below.

This one is just soooo beautiful it really calls out to me and both materials have that light sage green in the stripped material so that's why I was considering that color for the armoire. I am now 32 weeks pregnant so I really need to make some decisions and get busy putting things together before the baby comes!