Thursday, April 23, 2009


My dad has been working on his hot rod 55 Belair everyday and i think it came out great!!! I love the way the interior looks.

My husbands race truck in front of dad's car, I think dad came to say let's hook um up son in law! lol I'm not sure how to answer questions that were left in my comments, but i will answer now yes my husband does drag race his truck in louisiana, mississippi and texas. He's already hinting he wants to go this Saturday to Evadale Raceway in Texas. It's a big competition between him his brother and cousins, they all have either a truck or car to race and one always wants to be faster than the other!!

My dad decided to burn the tires as he left our house and my son gets such a kick out of that, I'm sure racing will be in his blood too. He loves to go to the track with his dad and will lay under the truck with his dad to do repairs!!! It is just too cute to see!! I enjoy going sometimes, but I think I will have a girl day with my daughter this time.


I'm nineteen weeks pregnant today! I am feeling very energetic today and thank God not dealing with hayfever. The baby has started moving alot so I'm wondering if it will be very energetic like my lil guy!
Here is my lil guy this morning as I am heading out to Wally World ( aka Wal mart). He thinks he's fixing it, I hope daddy knows he's working on the lawnmower. He's distracted so thankfully I get to go grocery shopping by myself. yay!!!
I have been trying so hard to eat healthy and keep my weight down, but I kept craving chips and dip. Also Diet Dr. pepper which is my biggest weakness, but I had to have one with chips and dip right! Well after taking a few bites it just didn't taste as good as I remembered, guess that's a good thing! My lil guy sure liked the chips and dip so he and my hubby can eat them for me! lol

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping for prego clothes!!

After hunting in my closet this morning for something to wear to church I decided i need to get some maternity clothes. One problem i don't really like much of what they have to offer in my area. Those ballon type shirts just bug me and i still want something stylish so this what i put on to go do some shopping. My brave daughter is coming with me on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to the one and only maternity store in the mall 30 minutes from our town.

I also love, love my tommy leather purse i'm carrying, but it's getting a little worn so i am so hoping to find a similiar replacement. I love purses, but i am sooooo picky about them! Also, my husband is working on his race truck and it's very loud so that's another good reason to escape from the rumbling noise. Well off to shop till i drop and hopefully find some great deals, JC Penney is supposed to have the buy one get one for 88cents.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm so disappointed that I can't attend church this morning, but my 2yr has a virus and i can't mix him with the other children. I hope everyone has a very blessed easter!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camera troubles

I'm so disappointed that I can't upload any of my new pics. I can't find my usb cable anywhere, I'm sure thanks to my 2yr old. I went to Walmart and bought a universal one that they swore would work, but surprise it doesn't fit my camera. Then to top the cake my sweet husband decided to clean out my expedition and threw away my receipt, ugh!! So i am back on the hunt for a usb cable to be able to upload all my great pics.


I can't believe my daughter turns 12 today! Time has just flown by and I treasure these past twelve years watching her grow into a young lady. We were going shopping in these pics and I love having that time alone with her, she can always make me laugh and she is such a giggle box.

She loves animals and she sure don't get that from me! She cracks me up, it's breakfast time right now and she wants to eat scalloped potatoes! I'm hoping that I can make her day all that she wants it to be!