Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm still here!!!

So I haven't posted in quite some time!!! I've just been so busy I didn't know how to fit it in, with taking care of my very energetic boys and starting a new job which I was offered and just couldn't pass up!!! But, I have to say I am really missing being at home with my baby boy!!! He turned one on the fourth of September and I had so much fun planning his party. My husband's new garage was finished just in time!

I hate that I still forget that my pics upload backwards!!! ugh!!! Here is my baby boy enjoying some ice! Don't you just love the blue and red for a baby boy party!!!
Poor baby was so hungry daddy is feeding him a lil sandwich before he dives into the cake, can you tell he just woke from his nap? lol

And maybe he didn't nap long enough because he is so not a happy camper by this picture!!

I love this one and I wish he could stay little for another year I hate that babies have to grow so fast and soon he won't want to be held or rocked and that makes me so sad. Happy Birthday Kaden!!! Mommy loves you so much!!!!