Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Dream Home

I really wanted to keep up with bogging all along the way of building, but of course life got really crazy with me thinking I could self contract and do my own painting and staining and still keep my house clean and in order and tend to my 3 kids!!!! What was I thinking I was wonder woman or something?

Well anyway finally our dream is home is coming to life!!! That window above the garage is my daughters room, yes she's a lucky 14 year old she has the upstairs all to herself. We still have some painting touch ups and the brackets are still not installed in the gables also a window box will be built to go under her window.

This is the back porch and that framing is for a wood burning fireplace wrapped in stone. I'm going to enjoy the outdoors during the winter with that baby! The ceiling will be finished with stained tongue and groove pine boards that were stained by moi!! Now that was some work staining all those boards and sealing them one by one!!! whew that wore me out!

The sheetrock went in this week, this view is from the living facing the dining room and foyer. This ceiling will have painted tongue and groove pine boards and yes everyone is giving me a hard time and saying I need to stain but thats just not what I want!! The beams that sit on top of the tongue and groove will be stained and stone on the face of the fireplace. The floors are still a debate between me and the hubs!

The front porch oh how I love thee!!! The carpenters still have to build the posts and stone will be put where the white wrap is now and of course my beautiful front door is still not stained or installed.

This is where we at today! The eyebrow windows will have cedar stained shutters installed under them over the white paper wrap.

I have still have so many decisions to make and I'm trying hard to find the best deals to make my monies stretch as far as a possible. I'm now on the hunt for door knobs, lighting fixtures and garage doors!! Wish me luck!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


These pieces of paper are so beautiful to me because they mean I can finally get a permit to start building our dream home!!! yay!!! The plans had to be drawn all over because the first set was just not up to code and so many other obstacles along the way, but today a load of materials were dropped off and tommorrow morning the fun begins!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well momma needed a fresh look and not mention that our tired looking sink to the floor sofa and loveseat was just finished!! The Ikea Ektorp sectional won us over (well really the price won me over). I really wanted the lighter beige cover, but had to compromise with the hubs! My mission was to brighten up that dark sofa and I was so ready for some new color to add to my family room and off to etsy I went and found these!! this one has already arrived and I love it more in person..

This one I am still waiting on and can't wait to put it all together.

I have a few more ideas and projects to tackle to freshen up my fam room. I have a table to paint, my spring curtains to hang and an ottoman to recover. So while I'm enjoying being a stay at home mom again I'm also enjoying my second love of decorating my home!!!
P.S. I'm sad to say we still haven't started building the new home. All the plans are drawn and five builders have them in hand and I have only heard from one so far!!! This has such a long process and so many obstacles have come in our way, but I know one day it will begin and oh how I can't wait to blog about it all along the way!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dreaming of our new home!!!

I love the colors and the floor in this bathroom.

This fireplace and ceiling is so amazing. I could so lay on that sofa with a fire going and eat a red velvet bingle(my favorite snack cake)!

I love this ceiling and the floor is drawing me in as well. I could really do some entertaining with that island!

This so what I want to do outside our new garage. I can't wait to see it all come to life and I plan to post about it all along the way!

So many ideas swimming inside my head it's just to put it all together!!! These are just a few ideas that have been saved on my computer. I don't remember where I found these.

I'm praying everything goes through this time, we have been trying to build since last year!!

I'm spending this rainy day searching the internet for more inspiration for a warm and welcoming home that my whole family would love to come home to!!