Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well momma needed a fresh look and not mention that our tired looking sink to the floor sofa and loveseat was just finished!! The Ikea Ektorp sectional won us over (well really the price won me over). I really wanted the lighter beige cover, but had to compromise with the hubs! My mission was to brighten up that dark sofa and I was so ready for some new color to add to my family room and off to etsy I went and found these!! this one has already arrived and I love it more in person..

This one I am still waiting on and can't wait to put it all together.

I have a few more ideas and projects to tackle to freshen up my fam room. I have a table to paint, my spring curtains to hang and an ottoman to recover. So while I'm enjoying being a stay at home mom again I'm also enjoying my second love of decorating my home!!!
P.S. I'm sad to say we still haven't started building the new home. All the plans are drawn and five builders have them in hand and I have only heard from one so far!!! This has such a long process and so many obstacles have come in our way, but I know one day it will begin and oh how I can't wait to blog about it all along the way!!!