Thursday, August 20, 2009

36 WEEKS!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went for a check up and this lady in the lobby felt she had to tell me I must be having a 12lb baby and the doctor would have to take it from me. I was so upset I told her please don't say things like that, and not to mention the office was full of people all listening to what she was telling me! By the time I got in the exam room and the doc and nurse asked how I was doing I just started crying and couldn't even talk, finally I told them and doc says that's just someone showing their ignorance, but lately everywhere I go some stranger is making a comment that I must be having twins or how huge I am, I wish people would just stop and realize how it makes a pregnant woman feel when you tell her these things. She already has to look in the mirror everyday and can clearly see how large her growing belly has become and wonders just how big will the baby become by the time she has to give birth! Then my daughter and I went to have lunch together and two older gentlemen just wouldn't stop staring at me and eventually one told me that I looked miserable and when was I going to have this baby. What bothered me the most was the looking miserable part because I had taken time to style my hair, put on my jewelry, and dressed in my nicest maternity outfit so that was the last thing I wanted to hear! Oh well guess that's enough venting for today! My doc says I need to stay off my feet so this baby will stay put for two more weeks so I'm relaxing in the recliner and planning to read alot of good blogs!!!

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