Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A few new things!

I thought I would post about a few new things around here, of course all are clearance finds!!! 

I am the clearance Queen!!!
I love this little birdie container from Kirklands, unfortunately so do my boys and I'm  constantly worried they will break it!!! That tray comes from Dollar General long ago and I so wish I would have bought the oval one too!!!

This table comes from jcp.com and I patiently waited and watched until it went on final clearance!

A new pillow from Kirklands clearance aisle, the one behind the zebra print!

This rug is from Lowes and the gentleman that had to get it down for me said the price was $79, but if  I wanted it I could have it for $60 and I said SOLD!!!

This is the third cloche I buy and I found it at Hobby Lobby and I was so excited because it was  1/2 off  and  I paid so much more for the other two I bought off of ebay that my kids broke!! I'm really happy that they are carrying these now and the girl said every other week the glass is half off!

We finally got some bamboo shades hung in the breakfast room and I love them!!! These curtains will be moving to the dining room so I'm on the hunt for some to fit this space and a rod that works in that corner!

So that's it for today, soon I'll be posting some of the projects I've been working hard on!!

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  1. Beautiful finds. I love them all, but of course the cloche and pedestal just really tweaked my heart. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. These are WOWs I love all of them. Another WOW is this blog loving it! Keep up all of your good hard work girl!


  3. I have that same birdie canister from Kirkland's. I keep it back in the corner of my kitchen counter so my boys can't get near it. :)
    Love the colors in your room! So pretty!

    1. Thanks Lisa and sadly my youngest boy did break my canister, but I'm still holding on to the pieces hoping to try to glue it back together!