Saturday, June 2, 2012

My living room still under construction!

I haven't blogged in a long while, but I thought I would join in on Kelly's home tour today. 
 This pic is looking from my front entry. Don't you just love those temporary curtains? I am trying to find some bamboo roman shades, but not having any luck with the length of these windows a whopping 84 inches! The wall with the two transom doorways leads to the kitchen and is still  not painted due to the builder shooting a nail through the water pipes and the flooring and wall had to be repaired!!...yes that was a nightmare that still hasn't ended!
This wall is what you see looking in from the kitchen and of course the only thing on the wall right now is the beloved deer heads and by that I mean they are only beloved by my husband!!! Of course we are still waiting for our builder to come install our mantle and the two custom cabinets I designed that will go on either side of the fireplace.
The doorway on this wall leads to our master bedroom and bathroom.
This shot is looking from the massive windows to our front entry. You can also see the pocket doors and moldings that have not been painted yet. These doors lead to our dining room that at the moment is holding all the unpacked boxes.
For this wall I'm looking for two big comfy chairs, I've always wanted some with a tufted back.
Oh yeah I forgot we still don't have our hearth stone yet either as you can clearly see in this picture. So there you have it and it still has lots of finishing touches left to do. I'm looking forward to finding some great deals to decorate and furnish this huge new home that God has blessed us with!

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