Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping for prego clothes!!

After hunting in my closet this morning for something to wear to church I decided i need to get some maternity clothes. One problem i don't really like much of what they have to offer in my area. Those ballon type shirts just bug me and i still want something stylish so this what i put on to go do some shopping. My brave daughter is coming with me on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to the one and only maternity store in the mall 30 minutes from our town.

I also love, love my tommy leather purse i'm carrying, but it's getting a little worn so i am so hoping to find a similiar replacement. I love purses, but i am sooooo picky about them! Also, my husband is working on his race truck and it's very loud so that's another good reason to escape from the rumbling noise. Well off to shop till i drop and hopefully find some great deals, JC Penney is supposed to have the buy one get one for 88cents.

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  1. Hi Tammy,
    You look well, but I remember how difficult it was to find cute maternity clothes. I hope your little one is feeling better; everyone I knew was under the weather over Easter also. My husband is a race enthusiast; he follows Pro Drag Racing. Does your husband race his truck? I have learned about racing through him and enjoy it, but if I had a choice an afternoon at the mall would suit me just fine! Take care.