Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More house talk!!!

These are pics from the online website that I found our houseplan. This is someone elses ideas and I can't wait to see all my ideas put together on this home!! I love all the craftsman details, the big chunky posts, the stone, the cedar shake siding( at least I think that's what you call it). Although I want some color on my home and If I stain the posts they will be a darker expresso or walnut stain, that's actually one of the things I can't decide on stain the posts or paint them?

And oh how I dream of family pics on those gorgeous front porch steps and can't wait for some decorating for the fall I could just see pumpkins and mums going up to steps welcoming all our family and friends!

I am also having a hard time deciding on the exterior color a light shade of green or a light shade of beige??? I think I want to do all the trim in a creamy white shade and the windows I will probably stick to white. I plan to do the shutters as well and I am thinking of staining those the expresso or walnut. Well enough dreaming for today!

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  1. What a gorgeous home and it looks large too. I love it. I really want more space, this looks like you will have a ton. I can't wait to see how it progresses. Hugs, Marty